A view of some glass buildings from below.WE SOURCE CANDIDATES FOR YOU QUICKLY


We have an established, deep network within the Loss Prevention and Security industry. Typically we will have 3-5 candidates that meet your candidate avatar in 2 weeks or less from initiating the search for you.

To do that, we meet with your team to determine what makes your corporate culture unique to your competitors and a clear picture of who your ideal candidate is, and isn’t.

WCR recognizes that each candidate and client corporate culture are unique. We match not only skill sets and experience but push past where most recruiters stop and identify the qualities that make a hire the right hire… that great candidate that make people wonder where you found them.

In an age of technology driven resources, we will always maintain the human element in our process. We are a hands on, driven team that values the intangible quality of the individual. We utilize the tools of the internet but we still make those direct calls to people we’ve maintained relationships with for over 35 years.

We provide personalized, effective Executive Search services in the Loss Prevention and Security Industry for all industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer Products , Supply Chain / Logistics and Technology Industries.

Our Specialty

At WCR, we are masters in the fields of Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Profit Enhancement, and Security.

Our unparalleled expertise in this industry makes us the go-to source for both companies and candidates seeking their perfect match. We take pride in building enduring relationships and ensuring that we connect the right talent with the right organization.

As we staff the entire vertical of this industry, our database boasts a vast pool of over 17,000 professionals who specialize in Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Security, Cybersecurity, Brand Protection, and Fraud. This includes all industries including Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain, E-Commerce, and Environmental Health and Safety.

At WCR, our streamlined hiring process is designed to create lasting success for both client companies and candidates. With our industry-leading expertise and proven track record, you can trust WCR to provide the highest quality services and talent to help you achieve your goals.

Our Approach

Our one on one approach to identifying the intangible components of what it takes to make the right hire has led to a retention history of 5-18 years.

Our interview to hire ratio is 3 to 1.

Our search process has an average length of 3 weeks from initiation to offer letter.

We partner successfully with Human Resources, Operations and Finance to develop a comprehensive overview of what we need to find in candidates to bring you a spectrum of experienced individuals with a similar philosophy that will excel in your corporate culture. We conduct both retained and engaged searches for companies through out the U.S.