Streamlined Process

A view of some glass buildings from below.

We have an established, deep network within this industry. Typically we will have 3-5 candidates that meet your candidate avatar in 2 weeks or less from initiating the search for you.

To do that, we meet with your team to determine what makes your corporate culture unique to your competitors and a clear picture of who your ideal candidate is, and isn’t.

WCR recognizes that each candidate and client corporate culture are unique. We match not only skill sets and experience but push past where most recruiters stop and identify the qualities that make a hire the right hire… that great candidate that make people wonder where you found them.

We partner with Human Resources and bring only qualified, vetted candidates. We will bring you the professionals that bring more to a job than just getting it done. We bring you people who care about what they do and want to make a difference.

Needs Analysis

A view of some glass buildings from below.

What we hear from potential clients is, “We’re getting irrelevant resumes to our job posts, we have to go through 200 resumes for 1 or 2 that are even close to what we need” OR “The firm we use for other departments doesn’t really understand what we need for this role. What I really want is someone who will truly listen to what we need.”

While that sounds simple, truly listening can be difficult to do if all you’re interested in is checking the box and completing the transaction. We want to know more than simply what the job entails.

As such, we work diligently to become a seamless, accessible, and complementary partner to you and your company. Your needs are our drivers. We do our own exhaustive research and work closely with you to understand your strategic, financial, and hiring objectives.

Our extensive network and candidate pool consists of the top talent in the industry who are doing their jobs well and not necessarily looking. We are in constant contact with the passive candidate pool that isn’t scouring the internet and accessible through traditional hiring channels.

The tough question is; Do you want to find the best candidate for your opportunity or the best candidate who’s looking for a job?


Documenting a precise job description is vital to a successful search. Today’s top professionals require more than general statements and directional bullet points about career opportunities. They demand specifics on the projects and responsibilities they’ll be challenged with as well as details about the work-life culture and growth opportunities you can offer.

Defining what you want – and what you don’t – is a critical step in the hiring process. Our consultative recruiting experts help you craft the language and create the opportunity that sets the stage for attracting first-rate talent. We help ensure that you hire not only a great person, but the right person.


We work as a single united team with leading firms around the world.